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24 October 2018
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Coprophilia, also known as scatophilia or scat, is a type of sexual pleasure associated with feces.Coprophiliacs enjoy either watching people defecate or defecating on someone themselves.They also may like the smell, taste, or feeling/texture of feces in a sexual manner.

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33 Consensual adult activities and adult entertainment involving sexual roleplay, novel, superficial, or trivial aspects of sexual fetishism, or incorporating the use of sex toys are not necessarily paraphilic. Finally, because the present typology also includes distress that clients attribute to sexuality (but is not actually due to that sexuality the present typology requires consideration of characteristics of the partner (such as pre-existing inhibitors of healthy sex). Sexual and Marital Therapy. 25 Diagnosis edit There is scientific and political controversy regarding the continued inclusion of sex-related diagnoses such as the paraphilias in the DSM, due to the stigma of being classified as a mental illness. 58 Some researchers argue that an underrepresentation exists concerning pedophilia in females. "Clinical Characteristics and Treatment Response to ssri in a Female Pedophile" (PDF). Multiple theoretical models have been asserted in the clinical literature to explain hypersexual behaviors, most frequently the addiction, compulsivity, and impulsivity models (e.g., Barth Kinder, ; Coleman, 2003 ; Goodman, 2001 ). "Treatment and management of child pornography use". 5 (1 69 ndash,. 57 The majority of paraphilia studies are conducted on people who have been convicted of sex crimes. 34 Intensity and specificity edit Clinicians distinguish between optional, preferred and exclusive paraphilias, 35 though the terminology is not completely standardized. Indeed, clients who seem to fit more than one type may benefit from the interventions suggested by each of those types. 49 Instead, the goal of therapy is normally to reduce the person's discomfort with their paraphilia and limit any criminal behavior. 56 Sexual masochism has been found to be the most commonly observed paraphilia in women, with approximately 1 in 20 cases of sexual masochism being female. "Critiques of conventional models of sex therapy". 58 Since the number of male convicted sex offenders far exceeds the number of female convicted sex offenders, research on paraphilic behavior in women is consequently lacking. Gay, Straight, and In-Between: The Sexology of Erotic Orientation. A b c d e f Seto MC, Ahmed AG (2014). The DSM-IV retained the same types of paraphilias listed in DSM-III-R, including the NOS examples, but introduced some changes to the definitions of some specific types.

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